Hmar Students Association

The Hmar Students’ Association was formed at Imphal in Manipur in 1939 by H.L. Daka, Thanglienkham, H.S. Saithang, John Vanlalphut, M. Seikang, H. Thanglor, Kaithuom, L. Ṭana, Thana, S. Ngurte, H.T. Sandam and Lama. H.L. Daka was elected the founder President of the student body. Just twenty-nine years after the advent of Christianity, the Hmars began to understand the importance of education and the need to have an association for the student community. The HSA was thus born to serve the students and to bring out an integrative feeling among the Hmar community in general. As a result, the number of educated Hmars greatly increased.

The HSA has three governing bodies: The General Assembly, The Executive Council and the General Headquarters. The General Headquarters of the Hmar Students’ Association is based in Churachandpur, Manipur. Besides the General Headquarters, there are Joint Headquarters, Branches, Blocks and Units in different States in India. As a result of its dedication, enthusiasm and commitment many Hmar students are now studying in the best universities, both in India and abroad.

The H.S.A. motto is ‘Sinin, Hrilin, Sanin, Thuoiin, Serve the Nation,’ meaning ‘Work, Share, Assist, Lead and Serve the Nation’.