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HSA CCPur Notes of Denouncement

Notes of Denouncement
30th July, 2017, Churachandpur

The HSA CCPur JHQ is shocked and saddened by the senseless display of mob/gangster type of justice that resulted in the deplorable death of Mr. Thangkhanlun Simte S/o Mr.T. Pumhang Simte of Sahei Road, Churachandpur, on the 28th of July 2017, in the custody of one armed group.

The State Authorities should never tolerate those who take the law in their own hands, and should take all necessary measures to arrest all those involved in this vile murder at the earliest, and ensure that such senseless murderers are no longer a menace to the Society.

The society as a whole should rise up as one and denounce such diabolical act of taking a fellow human life at will, which has become a kind of a norm in our community. Of late, we all have seen a series of incidents wherein lives were taken at will.

All the sections of the society should stand united to condemn this deplorable and unspeakable crime.

The killing at will of a civilian by one armed group or the other reflects the abysmal depths of moral decay the society has sunk into. Its high time the people come together and shout out in unison “Enough is Enough”.

It is the sincere prayer of the HSA that the comfort and visitation of the Almighty God be with the deceased family in these times of grief and immense sorrow.


Secretary, Information & Publicity,

hsa ccpur Notes of Denouncement

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